To deliver all the protections the process and policy of title insurance can provide.

Zwiren Title Agency, INC. (ZTA) is a full-service title and settlement agency founded by Paula Zwiren. It is her mission to make ZTA one of the premier title agencies in the state with a commitment to excellence as her main priority. Nothing can exemplify this more than our team of professionals. We work as a fully engaged team and each staff member brings a vast amount of experience, expertise and professional integrity to the company and each transaction.

Our highly superior team will provide you with smooth, fast closings and fewer problems. All of your questions will be well answered with professional and friendly service and any title issues will be understood and resolved in a timely manner. We strive to have a positive impact on our customers every day. ZTA is committed to providing unmatched expertise and exceptional customer service.  All concerns will be addressed throughout the transaction, ensuring that your clients remain satisfied.

Typically, with better quality or greater expertise comes a higher cost. Title insurance, however, is a regulated industry. All title agencies are subject to the same exact premiums and fees. Therefore, ZTA charges the same rates as a title agency with only one title officer who has minimal experience—we cannot charge you a premium for the quality and expertise we provide. That is the true value for you and your clients.

ZTA is respected for its value system of integrity. Our intentions are transparent allowing us to bring honesty to all our transactions. We have respect and appreciation for everyone and all parts of the process. You will find that we are consistent in dedication, level of expertise, and professionalism in all transactions. We hope to have the opportunity to prove so to you in the future.

Paula, Thank you so very much for your amazing talent, wisdom, and drive. You deserve a trophy.
-commercial lender